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US and Japan authorities probe Bitcoin attacks as “leak” blogger claims there’s no buyer for MtGox

Z77 Extreme4 powered by an Intel-i5 loves winXP afterall with some kind of tweaking (DentalAnastasiou project almost done)

The Future Of Crypto-currency With Founder Of And at bitcoin decentral

Project Ara: Inside Google’s Bold Gambit to Make Smartphones Modular



Galaxy S5: More than just another phone to Samsung.
The curtain goes up for the Galaxy S5 on Monday. Woe be to Samsung if the new flagship phone falls short of blockbuster status.

Samsung’s Android Escape Plan, Gear2 with Tizen OS.
It makes sense, Samsung wouldn’t want to negotiate with some annoying search giant over its every move while it’s busy trying to take over the world.

Samsung shipped a record 120 million phones last quarter, beating Nokia, Apple, and LG combined, Strategy Analytics said Tuesday.



Mark Zuckerberg is almost done acquiring «WhatsApp», of course he is struggling to make the world more open(???) and connected. WhatsApp and Facebook are friends now! lol. Goodnight!



Baston MA, hackathlon

ε, ναι — με τους Dimitris Ampelakiotis και Jim Kal στην πόλη Boston, MA, United States.

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